Xero is a joy to use and saves an immense amount of bookkeeping time. Daily automatic feeds of the previous 24hrs bank transactions can be fed directly into Xero for quick and easy reconciliation. Invoices can be emailed directly to clients as soon as the sale is completed.

As Xero is an online system, any invited person can log in at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. This means we can see your data at the same time as you, even if we are in different countries, to discuss the next steps forward.

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Project Management

A complete project management system designed to make running your business much easier. From flexible time entry, job tracking and project management through to quotes, invoicing and powerful reports.

WorkflowMax is an online system which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means all information can be easily kept up to date and viewed by anybody with permission at any time.

WorkflowMax fully integrates with Xero accounting software.

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Personalised Training

We offer personalised online, as well as onsite, training for both Xero and WorkflowMax. Online training by screen sharing software can be carried out anywhere with an internet connection.
Different members of staff can attend from different locations. There is no need for travel, hotel, room hire or subsistence expenses. Just like onsite training, questions can be asked and practice exercises can be carried out.

All training includes follow up support.

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Totally 4 Business believes…

All businesses should be completely confident in the systems they use to manage their accounts, time, jobs, projects and reporting.

Staff should find systems quick and easy to use so they can spend their time using the skills they were employed for.

Accounting and project management systems should save businesses time and money.

Xero Accounts

Online accounting system designed to be straight forward to use, even if you have no accounts or bookkeeping experience.
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Online project management system which is simple to use and keep updated.

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Friendly, personalised training ensuring everyone understands exactly how to use Xero and/or WorkflowMax.

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Why Totally 4 Business?

1 Getting to know a business and all the people involved, then being part of making that business even better and more efficient is the most important and enjoyable aspect of being Totally 4 Business.

2Totally 4 Business knows that all business and their staff are unique. By making sure we fully understand how a business wants to operate, as well as who their staff are, we can create personalised, friendly and comprehensible training to set up and run Xero and WorkflowMax

3 Totally 4 Business has worked alongside many businesses from various sectors for the past six years, building a wealth of experience to draw upon at any time.

4 Totally 4 Business takes full advantage of the flexibility of internet technology. Xero and WorkflowMax are online systems, accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Training can also be carried online using screen share software.


  • Nicola originally approached me for my services and during our work together I discovered that she is a very switched on and capable individual. As we continued, Nicola’s expertise in enhancing business effectiveness was clear to see. It therefore made sense to me to swap roles and enlist her services as a business consultant. Needless to say her work was delivered to a very high standard, the advice incredibly sound and Nicola’s customer service and delivery, superb. The benefits have since continued to evolve. Highly recommended

    Stephen CarterOwnerNoosa Training
  • Nicola has been working for IMDesign for many years now. First met Nicola at a Networking meeting. I was there to gain new clients and in fact ended up hiring her instead! Using the latest software she made my life easier in sorting the running costs for IMDesign. Good advice, approachable and nice to work with. Recommended.

    Ian MoffettManagerIMDesign
  • Nicola has been a great asset to my business, with her knowledge of Business Software in association with accountancy procedures and her own bookkeeping background. She has surely helped me improve the potential of my business.

    Claire RayConsultantVOMnet
  • An outstanding, personable and professional service: efficient, prompt and great value for money. Nicola keeps her eye on the detail and delivers great results (and always with a smile!)

    Simon HowellManaging DirectorMy Activity Pal